concrete screws

Category: Screws

Have you ever bought piece of furniture or some other type of home appliance, why not for the workplace, and had to handle the assembly yourself? Most often, the main problem is not so much the additional work that has opened up, but the lack of either time or the necessary materials. We, unfortunately, cannot give you the gift of time, but we can offer you a wide variety of fastening materials, with which the construction activity will become as easy as child's play. And if you happen to have some kind of installation to do, you'd better take advantage of our premium Direct Mount Screw!


  • Galvanized surface (Zinc, Zn)
  • For concrete
  • Color: yellow

  • Размер Бр. в кутия
    7,5x52 100
    7,5x62 100
    7,5x72 100
    7,5x80 100
    7,5x92 100
    7,5x100 100
    7,5x112 100
    7,5x120 100
    7,5x132 100
    7,5x150 100
    7,5x180 100
    7,5x202 100
    7,5x212 100