flat whasher with outside diameter

DIN: 9021/440 R

Category: Washers

Washers are an extremely necessary fastener not only for professional craftsmen and builders, but also for people who prefer to repair their furniture and appliances at home themselves. We provide you with a wide selection of backing washers, in which case we advise you to consider the wide rim ones when your project is more tactile and requires more flexibility.


  • Galvanized surface (Zinc, Zn)

  • Размер 4x17x1 5x18x1 6x18x1 6x22x1.5 6x26x2 6x30x2 8x22x1 8x24x1.5 8x30x2 8x36x2 10x25x1 10x32x2 12x36x2 14x40x3 16x44x3 18x48x3 20x48x3 24x55x4
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