tapping screw wafer head

DIN: 7504T

Category: Screws

The button is a type of screw that is characterized by its miniature size, allowing almost imperceptible fastening of various materials - mostly wood and metal. Depending on its design, the knob also finds a particularly interesting application in modern, simple furniture decoration, and it is also extremely practical and reliable for any type of repair work. We offer you buttons of different sizes, and if necessary, you can always turn to our friendly team for guidance and recommendations on which type to choose.


  • Galvanized surface (Zinc, Zn)
  • For metal
  • Head: the cross
  • With built-in washer

  • Размер Бр. в кутия
    4,2x13 1000
    4,2x16 1000
    4,2x20 1000
    4,2x25 1000
    4,2x51 500